Freeing the Hook, poetry by Peter Harris

Here are two favorite poems from Freeing the Hook by Peter Harris. Although this title has been out for a couple of years I want to bring attention to the work because books don’t get discovered without this posting, and it seems folks want to see the work, so what better way then to put pages up.

Peter is a special poet that writes from the heart. These are a couple of sentences from the back cover:

Freeing The Hook takes you on a backstage tour of love, death, family and solitude. Their dark, inquisitive, tender humor is our immunization. Their stubborn compassion is our salvation.

—Tony Hoagland

Freeing the Hook by Peter Harris

Freeing the Hook features a painting by John Marin

Poem by Peter Harris

The Long Answer

poetry by Peter Harris

The Long Answer page 2

Poetry by Peter Harris

Fish Story